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Course Modules

  1. Developing a Growth Mindset:
    • Understanding the Power of Positive Thinking
    • Embracing Challenges and Learning Opportunities
    • Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement
  2. The Art of Managing Up:
    • Building Strong Relationships with Superiors
    • Effectively Communicating Your Ideas to Leadership
    • Navigating Organisational Dynamics for Mutual Success
  3. Advanced Problem Solving:
    • Strategic Approaches to Complex Problem Identification
    • Analytical Techniques for Informed Decision-Making
    • Implementing Solutions with Precision and Impact
  4. Leading Through Change:
    • Mastering the Dynamics of Organisational Change
    • Communicating Change Effectively to Gain Buy-In
    • Building Resilience and Adaptability within Your Team
  5. Effective Feedback Strategies:
    • Constructive Feedback Techniques for Personal Growth
    • Fostering a Feedback Culture for Team Development
    • Navigating Difficult Conversations with Empathy and Impact
  6. Creating an Enviable Team Culture:
    • Building a Positive and Inclusive Workplace Environment
    • Aligning Team Values for Cohesive Collaboration
    • Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Team Well-being
  7. Skilled Delegation Secrets:
    • Identifying Delegation Opportunities for Leadership Growth
    • Empowering Team Members Through Strategic Delegation
    • Balancing Control and Trust for Optimal Performance
  8. Crisis Management:
    • Proactive Crisis Preparedness and Risk Mitigation
    • Decisive Leadership in High-Stress Situations
    • Communicating Effectively During Crisis Moments
  9. Leading Through Difficult Times:
    • Inspiring Hope and Resilience in Challenging Circumstances
    • Maintaining Team Morale During Periods of Uncertainty
    • Demonstrating Steadfast Leadership in Tough Times
  10. Leading with Emotional Intelligence:
    • Developing Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation
    • Leveraging Empathy for Effective Leadership
    • Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Organisational Culture

Each module is designed to empower executives with practical skills and knowledge, ensuring they not only lead with authority but also inspire and elevate their teams to new heights.

Elevate – Executive Leadership Program

$3,997.00 AUD

Introducing Elevate – Executive Leadership Program: Redefining Leadership Excellence

Embark on an extraordinary journey of leadership refinement with the Global Women Connect Elevate Program. Tailored for executives ready to elevate their leadership prowess, this 10-module course is your gateway to honing skills, gaining strategic insights, and connecting with senior leaders and business entrepreneurs.

Master Executive Leadership in 10 Modules: Elevate is more than a course; it’s a curated experience spanning 10 modules, each meticulously designed to empower you with the advanced skills and strategic vision required for executive leadership. Over the course of 10 months, immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience that redefines what it means to lead with excellence.

Flexible Learning, Exceptional Outcomes: Unlock one module per month, ensuring a deliberate and comprehensive exploration of key executive leadership facets. The adaptable nature of Elevate means you can commence your journey at any time, allowing you to balance professional and personal commitments while progressing toward elevated leadership proficiency.

Online Mentorship Sessions with Industry Pioneers: Distinguish Elevate with exclusive access to four online mentorship sessions featuring senior leaders and seasoned business entrepreneurs. Immerse yourself in invaluable insights, gain firsthand perspectives, and navigate executive challenges with the guidance of those who have mastered the art of leadership at the highest echelons.

Investing in Executive Leadership, Investing in a Program for Good: By enrolling in Elevate, corporate companies are not just investing in executive leadership development; they are actively contributing to programs for good. This strategic commitment extends beyond organisational growth, supporting initiatives that uplift new graduates and women re-entering the workforce through the impactful programs of Global Women Connect.

Key Highlights of Elevate:

  1. Comprehensive Executive Leadership Curriculum: Covering advanced leadership concepts, strategic decision-making, crisis management, and more.
  2. 10 Monthly Modules: A deep dive into each module over the course of 10 months, ensuring in-depth exploration and mastery of executive leadership skills.
  3. Online Mentorship Sessions: Engage in four exclusive sessions with senior leaders and business entrepreneurs, gaining invaluable insights and advice.
  4. Flexible Learning: Start at your convenience, allowing you to tailor your executive development to align with your career trajectory.

Join Elevate and become part of a community committed to shaping the future of executive leadership. This is not just a course; it’s an investment in your leadership legacy and a commitment to advancing the mission of Global Women Connect through programs that empower and transform lives by “Paying it Forward”

Enroll today and redefine your path to executive leadership excellence!

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